Our competitive advantage

V.. ALUE Exceptional quality and rapid reporting at a highly competitive price ensure a great value service
I.. NGENUITY Every development programme provides its own set of challenges so we work with you to develop a strategy that will guarantee the highest scientific quality in an efficient, cost effective manner
V.. ISION By investing in technology, we are not just looking at what brings value now, but what will bring value to our customers in the future
O.. PTIMIZATION Our process based infrastructure facilitates the optimization of procedures quickly and effectively
T.. ECHNICAL EXPERTISE Our blend of experience and intensive training programmes allow technicians to constantly develop their skills and build on their experience
E..  XCELLENCE Our focus on scientific excellence ensures that your development programme will be performed to the highest possible standard
C.. USTOMER FOCUS As a small CRO, we focus on you and your studies and aim to provide an exceptional customer experience
N.. ON-HUMAN PRIMATES In addition to housing rodents, lagomorphs, dogs and mini-pigs, we have a state of the art primate facility offering gang housing for up to 60 primates and far exceeds the minimum regulatory standards
I.. NNOVATION We creatively design our studies to fulfil the requirements of your development programme
A.. DVICE Our team of scientific experts and access to partnering consultants provide advice that will help customise an efficient development programme that will satisfy all regulatory requirements

We creatively design our studies to fulfil your development programme

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