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Crop Care

At Vivotecnia we help our clients in the development of crop care products, ensuring compliance with the regulatory requirements (EC No.1107/2009 and EC No. 284/2013).

For this purpose, we provide you with the following services in order to enable to characterize the toxicological profile of your compound. All the studies are conducted in agreement with the corresponding OECD guidelines requirements as well as ensuring GLP compliance.

In vitro Toxicity

  • “In VitroSkin Irritation: Reconstructed Human Epidermis Test Method” (OECD 439)
  • EpiOcularTM  (OECD 492)

Acute toxicity in vivo

  • Oral (OECD 420, OECD 423, OECD 425)
  • Dermal (OECD 402)
  • Dermal Irritation (OECD 404)
  • Eye irritation/corrosion (OECD 405)
  • Inhalatory (OECD 436)

Repeated dose sub-actue and sub-chronic

  • Repeated Dose 28-day Oral Toxicity Study in Rodents (OECD 407)
  • Repeated Dose 90-day Oral Toxicity Study in Rodents (OECD 409)
  • Repeated Dose Dermal Toxicity Study (OECD 410)
  • Repeated Dose 90-day Dermal Toxicity Study (OECD 411)
  • Subactue Inhalation Toxicity: 28-Day Toxicity Study (OECD 412)
  • Subcrhonic Inhlation Toxicity: 90-Day Toxicity Study (OECD413)

Genotoxicity tests

  • In vitro study for genetic mutation: Bacterial Reverse Mutation Test (OECD 471)
  • In vitro study for genetic mutation: In Vitro Mammalian Cell Gene Mutation Test (OECD 490, MLA)
  • In vitro Mammalian Chromosome Aberration Test (OECD 473)
  • Mammalian Erythrocyte Micronucleus Test (OECD 474)
  • Mammalian Bone Marrow Chromosomal Aberration Test (OECD 475)
  • In vivo studies in somatic cells
  • In vivo studies with germ cells

Long-term toxicity and carcinogenicity

  • OECD 451 – Carcinogenicity Studies
  • OECD 452 – Chronic Toxicity Studies
  • OECD 453 – Combined Chronic Toxicity/Carcinogenicity Studies

Toxicity to Reproductive Function

  • OECD 414 – Prenatal Development Toxicity Study
  • OECD 415 – One-Generation Reproduction Toxicity Study
  • OECD 416 – Two-Generation Reproduction Toxicity
  • OECD 421 – Reproduction/Developmental Toxicity Screening Test
  • OECD 422 – Combined Repeated Dose Toxicity Study with the Reproduction/Developmental Toxicity Screening Test
  • OECD 443 -Extended One-Generation. Reproductive Toxicity Study

Neurotoxicity studies

  • Rodent neurotoxicity studies (OECD 424)

Other toxicological studies

  • Toxicity studies of metabolites
  • Supplementary studies on active substances
  • Endocrine interference properties





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