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Comprehensive Genotoxicity Testing Services

Expert Genotoxicity Services for Reliable Results

We offer comprehensive genotoxicity testing services that meet the stringent standards of the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory authorities. Our expert team is highly experienced in performing a range of tests to accurately assess the potential of compounds to cause genetic damage.

Industry-Leading Methodologies

Our genotoxicity testing services are conducted using industry-leading methodologies. This includes the Ames test, an essential test for detecting mutagenic compounds, and the Mini-Ames test, a compact version of the Ames test designed to be more economical and efficient. Our service portfolio also includes in vitro and in vivo tests to evaluate chromosome damage and mutations. We ensure that all tests are conducted in accordance with regulatory requirements, providing you with reliable and robust data.

Customized Testing Strategies

We understand that each project has unique needs, so we work closely with you to tailor a genotoxicity testing strategy that aligns with your specific objectives. Our team will provide advice on testing conditions, data interpretation, and follow-up strategies in case of a positive response in an in vitro assay.

Our Team and Experience

Our team of experts is fully qualified and trained to troubleshoot all aspects of genotoxicity testing. With our extensive experience, we have conducted hundreds of assays, ensuring that your compound is accurately and reliably assessed for genotoxicity. We are dedicated to providing efficient and cost-effective service, and we guide you on assay design and performance to yield the best data for your compound.

Genotoxicity Testing Standards

We strictly follow the ICH M3(R2) and ICH S2(R1) guidelines for genotoxicity testing. These guidelines are internationally recognized and provide a framework for conducting genotoxicity tests during the preclinical development of new pharmaceuticals. By adhering to these standards, we ensure that your compounds are suitably tested and that your data is credible and dependable.

The Importance of Genotoxicity Testing

Genotoxicity testing is an essential part of the drug development process. It provides critical information about a compound’s potential to cause genetic damage, which can have serious implications for human health. Our services ensure that you are well-equipped with the information you need to make informed decisions about the safety and efficacy of your compounds.
In conclusion, we are committed to providing high-quality genotoxicity testing services. Our expertise, experience, and adherence to international guidelines ensure that you receive accurate, reliable, and comprehensive genotoxicity data for your compounds. Trust us to deliver the genotoxicity testing solutions you need to drive your drug development process forward.

Genotoxicity Services

  • Ames test: semi-automated bacterial reverse mutation test
  • Comet assay: single cell gel electrophoresis to sensitively and rapidly quantify damage to cellular DNA
  • Mini-Ames test: scaled-down version of the Salmonella reverse mutation test (Ames test, OECD 471) for initial screening


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