Inhalation Facilities and Equipment

Aerosol generator units

  • Test item preparation: specialized equipment to disaggregate solid test items (ball mill, mechanical press, sieve, 20µm – 2mm)
  • Aerosol can be delivered at controlled temperature and relative humidity (0-80%) to counteract artifacts due to dry air damage to respiratory tract organs and test item hydrolysis
  • Glass tubes for conducting the aerosol are inert to most chemicals, allowing work with corrosive or acidic test items and visual identification of deposits and condensation
  • Rotating-brush generators (CR3020/PALAS RBG2000) and TOPAS dust dispenser SAG410 for solid-aerosol generation
  • Liquid aerosol nebulizer
  • 15 ISO-based tobacco smoke-aerosol generators
  • Vapor generator
  • Carbon nanotube toxicology via dust generator (TOPAS SAG410)

Glass exposure tubes – unique worldwide

Our exclusive glass exposure tubes guarantee optimal thermal conduction with no adverse effects on tests due to temperature increases as seen with plastic tubes and allow exposure chambers to be sealed individually:

  • For conducting plethysmography and urinalysis in situ while an animal is being exposed
  • Protecting the personnel while still allowing aerosol deposits to be detected rapidly
  • No animal cross contamination

Exposure towers

  • 64 positions accommodate up to 56 rats and eight sampling points
  • Nose only flow past principle as well as whole body
  • Chamber design prevents animals from inhaling air exhaled by another animal
  • Steady-state reached rapidly (lower chamber volume)
  • Minimal variation in aerosol concentration between levels


  • Facilities equipped with 12 inhalation chambers for up to three studies in parallel
  • Negative control chambers in separate rooms, animals hosted in different rooms to prevent cross contamination
  • Directed individual vertical ventilation control in direction of gravity:
  • Reduces cross contamination
  • Protects personnel while removing animals
  • Enhances thermal stability in the chambers

Atmosphere monitoring

  • Concentration analysis: filter sampling and gravimetric measurement of total particulate matter
  • On-line monitoring: Casella Pro Dust
  • Particle size distribution analysis: cascade impactor
  • Impingers for quantifying gases and atmospheric vapor

Support services

  • Analytical and bioanalytical (HPLC)
  • In situ plethysmography


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    inhalation equipment

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