mini ames test

Mini-Ames test

Vivotecnia offers the mini-Ames test as a scaled-down, pre-screening version of the standard Salmonella reverse mutation test (Ames test, OEDC 471). The mini-Ames test is a preliminary screen for mutagenic potential of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, chemicals and cosmetics which minimizes the amount of test compound used.

The mini-Ames test offered by Vivotecnia uses the same bacterial strains and the same test principles and quality controls as described in OECD 471, REACH and ICH M7(R1) guidance documents.

The mini-Ames test employs two Salmonella strains: TA98 (frameshift mutation) and TA100 (base-pair substitutions). Both strains carry a defective (mutant) gene which prevents the bacterium from synthesizing the amino acid histidine unless mutations occur in certain genes. TA 98 and TA100 strains are the two most sensitive S. typhimurium strains for the detection of frame shift (TA98) and base-pair substitution (TA100). Other strains may be included upon request.

The test is performed with and without a metabolizing system (e.g. rat-liver S9 fraction induced by Aroclor 1254) present. This approach enables the mutagenic potential of both the test compound and its metabolites to be evaluated.

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