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Non-human primates

Our in-house team of veterinarians ensure that animal welfare is paramount and are committed to the principals of the 3Rs (refinement, reduction, replacement). Our ethical review process ensures that studies are performed with a sound scientific background, using an appropriate number of animals, and operating in strict accordance with EU regulations.

Utilising the expert advice of individuals from within the CRO industry with long experience with non-human primates, we designed our state of the art non-human primate unit. Extensive training of our study directors and animal technicians followed.

We can therefore provide an alternative second non-rodent species where dog is not deemed an appropriate species (receptor binding information, metabolism differences or lack of systemic exposure relative to expected human therapeutic exposure, etc).

State of the art gang housing exceeding the standard welfare regulations:

  • Adjacent caging mechanism allowing capture / observation of animals
  • Environmental enrichment including foraging, toys, swimming pool, TV, swings
  • Positive reinforcement used (dosing and procedures)
  • Unit for PK Studies (capacity 20 animals)
  • Unit for toxicology studies (capacity 40 animals)

Non-human primate unit: a second non-rodent species alternative

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