In Vivotecnia we want to get the most out of our animal’s facilities. That’s why we have implemented the cardiovascular telemetry in dogs, using cutting-edge technology.

  • The telemetry system provider (DSI) is the recognized leader in physiologic monitoring.
  • Safety pharmacology facilities include telemetry studies, surgical capabilities and custom-built study rooms with remote connections
  • Our colonies of pre-instrumented animals allows us to meet optimal deadlines

There are several advantages in the use of Implantable telemetry such as freely moving animals (eliminate restraining stress – refinement), the reduction in the number of animals, high data quality (accuracy and reliability) and the measurements can be obtained with no lab personnel present.
We can obtain different telemetry recordings such as arterial blood pressure, heart rate and ECG parameters (RR interval, PR interval, QRS duration, QT interval and QTc.).

Don’t hesitate to ask for request, we will be happy to help you.