An improved method for the isolation of rat alveolar type II lung cells: Use in the Comet assay to determine DNA damage induced by cigarette smoke.

Toxicity Studies with Nanoparticles and Detection Methods for Pathology Evaluation.

The new method for sperm evaluation by 3-dimensional laser scanning microscopy in-different laboratory animal species.

Determination optimal protocol COMET in NCI H292.

The establishment of the in vitro Comet assay using six genotoxic compounds a positive control.

A 6-week inhalation protocol to measure cigarette smoke-induced damage in the rat lung by ex vivo comet and histopathological.

Nicotine cotinine and b nicotyrine inhibit NNK induced DND strand break in the hepatic cell line HepaRG.

Nicotine cotinine or a cotinine metabolite inhibits NNK induced DNA strand break in metabolically competent hepatic cells.

Cytotoxicity, mutagenicity, and tumorigenicity of mainstream smoke from three reference cigarettes machine-smoked to the same yields of total particulate matter per cigarette.

Impaired learning ability in GSK3B-Overexpressing transgenic mice.

Sperm evaluation by 3D laser scanning method microscopy.

Suitability of ex vivo Comet to determine DNA damage.

Design and Structural Requirements of the Potent and Safe TLR-9 Agonistic Immunomodulator MGN1703.