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General Toxicology

Our excellent team of scientists, experts in toxicology, molecular biology, chemistry, and immunology fully understands that the drug development process is not the same for all approaches.

General toxicology services


Genotoxicity tests are designed to detect compounds that directly or indirectly induce genetic damage by different mechanisms.

safety pharmacology services

Safety Pharmacology

Safety pharmacology is a key element in the drug development process, evaluating any potential adverse effects that the drug candidate may have on the body’s major physiological systems.

inhalation services


Vivotecnia also applies its extensive experience in toxicology and efficacy studies to studies requiring inhalation administration to both rodent and non-rodent species.


Vivotecnia offers the following studies to assess carcinogenicity.


During the drug discovery process, ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion) and PK studies are considered essential to evaluate bioavailability.

In Vivo Studies

Vivotecnia can offer you customized non-GLP, in vivo early toxicology studies to assist you in comparing and selecting potential drug candidates and orienting study design.

Chemical Analysis

A fully GLP validated method needs to be used for: Formulation analysis and Aerosol concentration analysis for inhalation studies

Non-human Primates

Our team of veterinarians ensures that animal welfare is paramount in our facilities and is committed to the principle of the three Rs (replacement, reduction and refinement).

reprotox services


You can trust Vivotecnia to carry out preclinical reproductive toxicology studies which ensure that your product development objectives are met, thereby facilitating product registration.

Efficacy Models

Xenograft tests using a nude mouse model are a powerful tool for investigating events related to malignant cell transformation, cell invasion etc.


Vivotecnia has designed a robust and complete Ames test, called AMESplus1, which includes two independent Ames tests.

irwin test

Irwin Test

Included in Vivotecnia’s safety pharmacology services portfolio is the Irwin test, a central nervous system study.

cardiovascular safety pharmacology studies

Cardiovascular Safety Pharmacology Studies

Vivotecnia offers in-house colonies of telemetry-implanted animals for fast start-up cardiovascular safety pharmacology studies.