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General Toxicology

Our team of experienced, highly-educated scientists, with backgrounds in toxicology, molecular biology, chemistry and immunology, understand that the drug development process is no longer a one-size fits all approach.

General toxicology services


Vivotecnia offers the following studies for the analysis of genotoxicity: Ames Test, Comet Assay, Mini Ames Test

safety pharmacology services

Safety Pharmacology

Safety Pharmacology satisfies a key requirement in the process of a drug development, assessing the potential adverse effects of drug candidates on the major physiological systems of the body.

inhalation services


Inhalation toxicity studies are required to assess the exposure hazards for consumer products or manufacturing workers.


Vivotecnia offers the following studies for the analysis of carcinogenicity


Over the drug discovery process, ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Elimination) and PK studies are deemed necessary to evaluate the bioavailability…

In Vivo Studies

Vivotecnia can offer you customized early Non-GLP toxicology in vivo studies to support comparison and selection of your potential lead candidates and drive the design

Efficacy Models

We are experienced in developing new efficacy models. We will be pleased to evaluate how we can help you in your research project.

Non-human Primates

Our in-house team of veterinarians ensure that animal welfare is paramount and are committed to the principals of the 3Rs (refinement, reduction, replacement)

reprotox services


Testing for Pharmaceutical products, Chemicals, Crop care, Biocides, Medical device..


Vivotecnia has designed a complete and robust bacterial reverse mutation test, called AMESplus1

irwin test

Irwin Test

Vivotecnia offers Irwin Test as central nervous system study, which is included in our safety pharmacology services portfolio

In vitro inhalation

In vitro Inhalation

Vivotecnia provides a wide range of endpoints to be assessed in this in vitro human inhalation model.

cardiovascular safety pharmacology studies

Cardiovascular Safety Pharmacology Studies

Vivotecnia offers in-house colonies of telemetry-implanted animals for fast start-up cardiovascular safety pharmacology studies.

mini ames test

Mini Ames Test

Vivotecnia offers mini  AMES test  as a pre-screening `miniaturized`version of the standard Salmonella reverse mutation assay (Ames test, OEDC 471)