ames test

Ames test

AMESplus1: OECD 471 Bacterial Reverse Mutation Test + Confirmatory Test

The identification of substances capable of inducing mutations is a worldwide concern in safety evaluation. The placing on the market of any kind of chemical substances must guarantee its genotoxic harmlessness. The assessment of genotoxic hazard to human health and the environment of new compounds uses as first approach an in vitro assay: the Ames test also called bacterial reverse mutation test.

Chemical substances are present in an infinite of forms in our daily life, many of them improving the quality of life of human society. The Ames assay is appropriate to evaluate the mutagenic potential of any chemical substances, including pharmaceuticals, pesticides, cosmetics, food additives and industrial chemicals (e.g., housewares, hair dye or paints).

Vivotecnia has designed a complete and robust bacterial reverse mutation test, called AMESplus1, which includes two independent Ames assays. This design covers the more complete scenario to test a new substance in vitro by the bacterial reverse mutation test, according to OECD 471  and ICH S2 advices:

  • 5 bacteria strains (4 Salmonella+1 E.coli or 5 Salmonella)
  • Preliminary test: to check the sterility, solubility and citotoxicity of the compound
  • Ames Test: to test the genotoxic potential of the compound using the direct incorporation method (with and without metabolic activation)
  • Confirmatory Test: to confirm results obtained in the Ames, a confirmatory assay is conducted using the preincubation method (with and without metabolic activation)
  • For chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and pesticide products.
  • Screen new substances in a simply, quickly and cheaply way.

Full GLP report is delivered 6 weeks after start of the experimental part.

Fast, reliable and economic.

To learn more about Dr Bruce Ames, inventor of the Ames assay in the early 1970s, please visit our link.

ames test

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