in vivo estudios

In Vivo Short Term Studies

Vivotecnia can offer you customized early Non-GLP toxicology in vivo studies to support comparison and selection of your potential lead candidates and drive the design of . Although these early studies are not required to be reported to the regularory agencies prior to First Time In Human studies, we understand that toxicology needs to be fully integrated into the discovery process to allow the selection of candidates with the optimal toxicological properties, making informed decisions quickly , at reduced cost.

Vivotecnia offers exploratory estudies od compounds administered by a wide range of routes and animals species includinf rodents, rabbits, dogs, minipigs and NHP.

  • Acute Toxicity Studies
  • Maximun Tolerated Dose Studies
  • 7/14 day Dose Range Finding Studies
  • Multispecies pharmacokinetics (PK) and Toxicokinetics (TK).
in vivo studies

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