Irwin test b

Irwin Test

Vivotecnia offers the Irwin test as a central nervous system study as part of our safety pharmacology services portfolio. With the Irwin test we can assess the general effects of a test substance on central nervous system activity and physiological functions. This test estimates the following parameters:

  • Minimum lethal dose of a test substance
  • Dose range for CNS responses
  • Primary effects on behavior and physiological functions

Irwin test results are used to predict potential therapeutic activity and to select doses for subsequent efficacy tests. In addition, these data are also used to assess the risks associated with the use of a drug candidate in safety pharmacology studies.

Irwin Test Procedure

Rats or mice are administered the test substance and then observed for the next several hours and on the following day. Clinical signs are grouped into several categories in an attempt to highlight the particular characteristics of the test substance, as follows:


Irwin test battery
Would you like to know more about Irwin test?, Follow this link to see which behaviors and clinical signs are observed in an Irwin test after diazepam and morphine administration  Please click  


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