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Vivotecnia is able to plan the complete battery of toxicological tests needed for the filing of your registration dossier according to REACH testing requirements. Our REACH testing services comprise tailored programs designed to facilitate your successful registration.


REACH (chemicals)


General toxicology 

In vitro Skin irritation/corrosion OECD 431:  In vitro skin corrosion: Human skin model test
OECD 439: In vitro skin irritation: Reconstruced Human epidermis test method
In vitro eye irritation/corrosion OECD 491: Short Time Exposure In Vitro Test Method for Identifying
i) Chemicals Inducing Serious Eye Damage and
ii) Chemicals Not Requiring Classification for Eye Irritation or Serious Eye Damage
Acute oral toxicity OECD 420: Acute oral toxicity-fixed dose procedure
OECD 423: Acure oral toxicity-acute toxic class method
OECD 425: Acure oral toxicity: u-and-down procedure

Genotox : In vitro mutagenecity (Ames Test) OECD 471

*In vitro skin irritation/corrosion OECD 404: Acute dermal irritation/corrosion
* In vivo eye irritation OECD 405: Acute eye irritation/corrosion
Acute inhalation toxicity OECD 436: Acute inhalation toxicity: acute toxic class method
Acute dermal toxicity OECD 402: Acute dermal toxicity
OECD 404: Acute dermal irritation/corrosion
28-Days repeat dose toxicity OECD 407: Repeated dose 28-day oral toxicity study in rodents
OECD 412: Subacute inhalation toxicity: 28-day study
In vitro gene mutation study in mammalian cells OECD 476: In vitro Mammalian Cell gene mutation test (Mouse Lymphoma Assay.MLA)
In vitro gene cytogenetic study in mammalian cells OECD 473: In vitro Mammalian Chromosome aberration test
OECD 487: In vitro Mammalian cell micronucleus test
Screening development toxicity OECD 421: Reproduction/Developmental Toxicity screening test
OECD 422: combined repetead dose toxicity study with the reproduction/developmental toxicity screening test
Where there are serious concerns about the potential for adverse effects on fertility or development OECD 414: Prenatal development toxicity study in Rat/Rabbit
OECD 415: One generation reproduction toxicity study in Rat
OECD 416: Two generation reproduction toxicity study in Rat
OECD 443: Extended one-generation reproductive toxicity

General Tox

  • 90-Day subchronic toxicity
  • Chronic toxicity



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