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Vivotecnia is able to plan the complete battery of toxicological tests needed for the filing of your registration dossier according to REACH testing requirements. Our REACH testing services comprise tailored programs designed to facilitate your successful registration.


REACH (chemicals)


Toxicological information:




Toxicological information

  • In vitro skin irritation/corrosion (OECD 404)
  • In vitro eye irritation (OECD 405)
  • In vitro citogenecity
  • In vitro gene mutation
  • Acute toxicity (inhalation) (OECD 403)
  • Short-term repeated dose (28days)
  • Screening for reproductive/  developmental toxicity (OECD 421)


Toxicological information

  • Short-term repeated dose toxicity study (28days) (OECD 407)
  • Sub-Chronic toxicity study (90-days) (OECD 409)
  • Pre-natal developmental toxicity study (OECD 414)
  • Extended One-Generation Reproductive Toxicity Study (OECD 443)



Toxicological information

  • A long-term repeated toxicity study (more than 12 months) (OECD 452)
  • Developmental reproductive toxicity study (OECD 414)
  • Extended One-Generation Reproductive Toxicity (OECD 443)
  • Carcinogenicity study (OECD 451)

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