acute toxicity

Acute toxicity

Acute toxicity evaluates those adverse effects occurring after oral, dermal or inhaled administration of a single dose of a substance or from multiple doses in periods of less than 24h.

Thanks to our wide experience, Vivotecnia offers acute toxicity studies by different routes of administration, methods, and species, enabling our customers to make decisions and to have information from accidental human exposures.

All studies are performed according to global regulatory guidelines: OECD, FDA, EMA, EU…

Acute toxicity studies:

  • Oral/corrosion
  • Dermal/corrosion
  • Inhalation/corrosion
  • Dermal irritation/corrosion
  • Skin irritation/corrosion
  • Eye irritation/corrosion

Species: Non-rodents


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Our team and Experience


Vivotecnia has some of the most experienced, most talented minds in the industry, working closely with our clients while remaining flexible and responsive to find solutions to your needs. The extensive experience of our team of scientist represent a wide range of disciplines and all of them are fully committed to your non-clinical development program. Their extensive experience with complex general toxicology studies and their ability to respond to unexpected issues, enable you to achieve robust and regulatory compliant data, keeping you moving forward with your registration process.

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