acute toxicity

Acute toxicity

Acute toxicity studies evaluate adverse effects occurring after oral, dermal or inhalation administration of a substance in a single dose or in multiple doses in periods of less than 24 hours.

Thanks to Vivotecnia’s ample experience, we are in a position to offer acute toxicity studies employing a comprehensive selection of administration routes, test methods, and species, providing our customers accurate data to make informed decisions regarding accidental human exposure.

All studies are performed according to global regulatory guidelines, namely OECD, FDA, EMA, EU, etc.


Acute toxicity studies:

  • Oral/corrosion
  • Dermal/corrosion
  • Inhalation/corrosion
  • Dermal irritation/corrosion
  • Skin irritation/corrosion
  • Eye irritation/corrosion

Species: nonrodent

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Our team and experience
Vivotecnia employs some of the most experienced and talented minds in the industry who work closely with our clients, always flexible and responsive to find solutions and satisfy your needs. Our scientific team has extensive experience and widely varied backgrounds in multiple disciplines and is fully committed to your nonclinical development program. Their years of experience with complex general toxicology studies and their ability to respond to unexpected issues mean that you will obtain robust and regulatory compliant data, keeping you on-track and progressing with your registration process.


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